An exclusive hub giving The Work Pod members discounts at our favourite local food, drink, fitness and wellness spots!

As a collective of epic people from across the nation and, indeed, the World, we have come together from a diverse range of places.

Byron Bay be a temporary stop, or for many it may be your new/ old home. This members club is designed to enable us to boost the local community and spend those dollars where they can be felt the most (oh, and give you discounts at the best spots in Byron Bay!)

We will be continually adding to our exclusive discount club, and you can find out all about it by clicking the button below. For now, all but one of these places are also within an 8 minute walk of the Pod 🤤



$200 a month

The legends at F45 have given us membership for just $200 a month. Considering that this is usually a $66 per week hit, we're pretty excited!  Now you can work out just a stone's throw from The Pod, get those endorphins flowing & even go with a Pod friend to keep yourself accountable to keeping fit in the New Year!

How To Get To F45

How to redeem: Show James, the owner, the page on the Passport App (see below), and he will set you up a membership in the gym. This offer is only redeemable in person, and payable per month.


Postcard Café.

10% off hot drinks and Postcard retail

Gabe & Luke are two lovely local Byron boys who have opened this 'not your standard cafe' in 2020. It is a beautiful spot on Acacia Street, where the boys want to encourage culture & community (a perfect partner for the Pod!). Walk down to say g'day and grab a takeaway, and you'll likely end up there for half an hour chatting :).

The Pod Club get 10% off hot drinks as well as all Postcard brand retail items, including t-shirts, postcards and other little bits and bobs.

How to get to Postcard

How to redeem: Simply flash the boys the screen on your Passport App, which displays the 10% off Postcard tab. Check out the instructions below for how to find this.

La Cuisine Deli by Byron Bay Olive Co.

10% off Deli and Sandwiches

A French Deli with 10% off all deli products & sandwiches. What could go wrong? Oh yeh, maybe those fitness resolutions we mentioned a moment ago. Oh well, 'sacre bleu'!

Head on down to the deli opposite the BP and you can even test the olives before you buy.

How To Get To La Cuisine Deli

How to redeem: Check out the instructions at the bottom of this page. Simply show the team your Passport page with the discounts on it.

Coming Soon.... MASA Bakery!


endota, Byron Bay

10% Off Card (one time use)

The beautiful endota Spa has just opened in Byron Bay. endota is Australia's leading wellness brand, and since Noli and I have been working with them this year I've really got to know what a great company they are. Products and treatments are based upon using nature's power to heal, and we now have discount cards for all our members to use in the Byron Spa. Please come and grab a 10% off card, and use it wisely, because it is a one time use :). I highly recommend their facials and the deep hydration face moisturiser.

How to get to endota

How to redeem: Simply show your discount card to reception at the Byron Bay spa and you will be able to use it on products and treatments in store.

Evolve Health Labs

15% off Single Session Treatments

Now this is a bit swanky, and possibly a little more of a treat. Evolve Health Labs provide 'holistic treatments to stimulate and optimise our bodies to reach their full potential'. Our members will receive 15% off all single session treatments!

This includes, but is not limited to:
Cryotherapy $99
Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment $79
Full Body LED $35

How to get to Evolve

How to redeem: See below information on the Passport app and discount page.


Please note, you will only be able to use these discounts if you are an active member at The Work Pod.

  1. Download the Nexudus Passport App for Apple or Android.
  2. Sign in using your Work Pod log in information
  3. Click 'Account' (bottom left of screen)
  4. Click 'Price Plans'
  5. The plans tab will display the list of discounts, and this is the page you show the business.

Happy munching, gymming, shopping, healthifying!

Any questions, troubles or willing businesses that want to get involved please chat to Alex or email her at [email protected] with a subject that includes 'Pod Club'!

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